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Kids Afternoon Tea Menus - min 10

Kids Afternoon Tea Menus - min 10

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Created by our wonderland chefs and inspired by Marvel Heros and Alice in Wonderland, no matter which one you choose they will go down a storm. All kid's favorite treats and snacks turned in a really fun afternoon tea. And they are available nationwide with overnight delivery and we cannot off them fully catered in Manchester and Birmingham so It's an ideal way to bring a bit of special magic to your little one's day and make memories to last a lifetime.

ALIce in wonderland-£12

  • Cream cheese and cucumber green slider
  • Grilled chicken and coleslaw purple slider
  • Peanut butter & banana - yellow slider
  • The cheshire cat's trifle is purple grape jelly and orange cake & custard - just like the cat
  • Eat me, try me drink me box
  • Mini lemonade scone filled with cream and blueberry jam
  • Try me a mini wonderland cookie
  • Eat me a mini cupcake
  • Drink me iced tea peach & mango & a potion bottle
  • Eat me milk chocolate truffle in a dome
  • Queen of Hearts mini jam tart

Marvel hero's-£12

  • IRON MAN's cream cheese & tomato red slider
  • Batman's' peanut butter yellow slider
  • Robin's grilled chicken and lettuce & mayo
  • Spiderman strawberry trifle
  • Batman's explosive cookies
  • Superman berry scone with strawberry jam and cream
  • Kryptonite banana & spinach maple cupcakes
  • Captain America macaron
  • Thors golden truffle
  • A bottle of green lanterns power ice tea

Little afternoon tea-£10

  • Chicken salad mini brioche roll
  • Egg & mayo roll
  • Cheese & tomato tart
  • Plain scone with a choice of jam
  • Mini cupcakes
  • Chocolate brownie
  • Mini fruit trifle
  • Orange chocolate crinkle cookie sandwich
  • Raspberry cake pop
  • Peach ice tea
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