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A Soirée Worthy of Lady Whistledown: A Bridgerton Garden Party

Dearest Reader,

Prepare to be swept away to a world of extravagant delights and delightful gossip! We invite you to a Bridgerton-inspired soiree that pays homage to the Regency era's most scandalous soirees. Imagine a night teeming with playful princes, high society drama, and a modern twist that would make even the most discerning member of the Ton raise an eyebrow (in a good way, of course!).

Inspired by Lady Violet Bridgerton's Elegance

This grand soiree takes inspiration from the esteemed Lady Violet Bridgerton, the matriarch of the Bridgerton family and a master of hosting unforgettable gatherings. Our chefs, mixologists, and creative minds have captured the essence of the show and her impeccable taste to craft a truly unforgettable experience.

 Luxurious Indulgence

Your journey begins with a dazzling champagne fountain, a fitting prelude to a selection of Bridgerton-inspired cocktails. Each libation is sure to meet the discerning palate of Lady Whistledown herself.

A Feast for the Eyes and the Senses

Prepare to be transported to the opulent world of Bridgerton as you enter the transformed space. Imagine the Bridgerton drawing room recreated in your very own home. The buffet table will be a spectacle of over-the-top decadence, adorned with gold and pastel hues. Towering displays of exquisite food will be presented on a backdrop of plush furnishings and shimmering pastel pink and gold china. Crystal glasses will catch the light, setting the stage for a truly regal experience.

A Touch of Regency Charm

No genteel gathering is complete without proper service. Fear not, for you and your guests shall be pampered in true Regency style by your very own white-gloved footmen. These attentive figures will guide you through each course of the decadent and sumptuous delights prepared by our talented chefs.

A Collaboration of Exquisite Proportions

We are confident this will be one of the most memorable soirees you and your guests ever experience, filled with delightful surprises from the very beginning to the very last exquisite morsel.

Immortalized in Lady Whistledown's Society Papers

Following the soiree, you and your guests will receive a special edition of Lady Whistledown's Society Papers, chronicling the evening's highlights. Written in her signature style, with embellishments (for dramatic effect, of course), it will serve as a delightful keepsake of this remarkable event.

A Delightful Farewell

To ensure no morsel goes to waste, we will present you and your guests with beautiful nibble boxes containing leftover delicacies. No doubt, these treats won't last long on the journey home!.

A Chance to Grace the Pages of History

The Lady of the house may even find herself gracing the pages of Lady Whistledown's Society Papers! Let us hope it's for all the right reasons, of course.

£50 delivery only plus var and London delivery charge 

£75 per person plus vat and staff travel costs, min of 20 guests. include 1 glass and 1 cocktail,

£85 per per person if you would like our footmen team to take care of your guests

£130 per person unlimited drinks house champagne and Bridgerton cocktails for a 2 hour service including the garden party food menu and your a team of footmen to assist you, does not include vat & staff travel costs. BOOK NOW

Tips for a Bridgerton-Worthy Garden Party Soiree

  1. Embrace Elegance: Set the scene with white tablecloths, elegant china, and crystal glasses. Don't forget to add a touch of floral flair with abundant blooms in vibrant colors.
  2. Attire for the Occasion: Encourage your guests to dress in their finest Regency-inspired attire. Think flowing gowns in pastel hues for the ladies and waistcoats and cravats for the gentlemen.
  3. Music to Set the Mood: Transport your guests to the heart of Regency London with a selection of classical music or light piano melodies.
  4. Games for Gentlefolk: Engage your guests in classic garden games like croquet or badminton. Lawn bowling or a spot of archery (with blunt arrows, of course) would add further amusement.
  5. Entertainment Fit for Society: Consider hiring a string quartet or a group of strolling musicians to elevate the atmosphere.
  6. Favors for Your Esteemed Guests: Send your guests home with a small token of appreciation, such as a hand-painted fan or a box of delicate sugared almonds.
  7. Etiquette is Paramount: Encourage polite conversation and gentle manners. Perhaps even have a playful "gossip station" where guests can anonymously share their thoughts on the latest developments in the Ton.
  8. The Power of a Well-Crafted Invitation: Extend your invitations on elegant notecards with handwritten calligraphy.
  9. Let the Flowers Bloom: Decorate your garden with an abundance of blooming flowers. Roses, hydrangeas, and peonies are all perfect choices for a romantic Bridgerton aesthetic.
  10. Embrace the Spirit of the Season: Tailor your menu and décor to reflect the season of your soiree. Springtime calls for lighter fare and pastel hues, while summer soirees can embrace vibrant colors and refreshing beverages.

With these delightful details, your Bridgerton-inspired garden party is certain to be the talk of the Ton. Now, go forth and plan a soiree worthy of the social season's most discerning participants!

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