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An Alice in Wonderland Inspired Culinary Adventure

Delve into the World of Whimsical Desserts created by  - A Culinary Journey Inspired by Alice's Adventures created by our food Imagineering team so lets step into enchantment and see what they have created.  

Imagine a world where every bite is an adventure, a place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and the impossible seems possible. Welcome to our Alice in Wonderland dessert table experience, a whimsical wonderland bursting with the most delicious desserts you’ve ever laid eyes on.


A Table Set for Fantasy

Our dessert table is not just a feast for the palate but a spectacle for the eyes. We’ve transformed the mundane into the magical with creative props that transport you straight into Alice’s enchanted world. An artificial grass strip lays the foundation for a picnic in Wonderland, while mini macaron domes and giant playing cards stand tall, inviting you to a game of flavors. And let’s not forget Alice’s shrinking potion bottles—a delightful detail that adds to the charm of your dessert experience.

The Mad Hatter’s Creations

Our talented food imaginers are the modern-day Mad Hatters, concocting a variety of mouth-watering desserts that are as delightful to taste as they are to behold. With a dash of madness and a sprinkle of creativity, they whip up treats that will make you question whether you’re at a party or in a dream.

Booking Your Experience

We’re all mad here—at least in the kitchen! To join us in this culinary caper, we ask for 3 days’ notice to book your experience. We’ll handle everything from there, ensuring that your dessert table is nothing short of extraordinary. And with set up by our food imagineers who will be on hand to guide guests through the experience.  

What’s can i expect?

Each guest will be treated to a selection of desserts that tell a story, each more tantalizing than the last:

  1. Mad Hatters Inside Out Oranges Brownies: A twist on the classic, with a zesty orange surprise.
  2. Summer Macaron Selection: A symphony of flavors, each macaron a different note.
  3. Gold Batten-Burgs: A royal treat, with layers of gold and flavor.
  4. Queen of Hearts Shortbreads: Crisp, buttery, and utterly regal.
  5. Cherry Meringue Tarts: Sweet, tart, and topped with a cloud of meringue.
  6. Whimsical Cupcakes: Each a masterpiece, frosted with whimsy.
  7. Eat Me shortbread aditional with a Wonderland twist.
  8. Lemonade Scones & Jam: A refreshing take on a classic.
  9. Cheshire Cat Jelly: A wobbly wonder, sure to bring a smile.
  10. Wonderland Truffles: Rich, decadent, and utterly enchanting.
  11. Alice’s Whimsical Victoria’s Sponge: Serves 5, a centerpiece that’s both beautiful and delicious.

Conclusion: A Party Like No Other

Our Alice in Wonderland dessert table is more than just a catering package—it’s an experience that will linger in your memories long after the last crumb has been savored. So, don’t be late for this very important date. Book your experience today and tumble down the rabbit hole into a world of flavor and fantasy

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