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Bridgerton - Every Food Stylists and Pastry Chef Dream Come True


In first 2 seasons we saw not 1 or 2 but Gala's Debutante's Balls, Afternoon Teas and Banquets and each one a lush, opulent and so over the top camp, but befitting the goings on in TON. The food styling is genius and reminiscent The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Love with its fabulous food  scenes. Those who know us, know we could never just let an opportunity to no only pay homage to the wonderful show but the camp and opulence of the  Regency period pass us by?. So we have been but and would like to introduce you our Queen Charlotte Afternoon Tea and our Bridgeton Gala Dessert Table experience, bot come with regency footman on load for the Lady Bridgeton.    


Our Bridgerton Afternoon Tea pays homage to the Regency era and a time of elegant parties, playboy princes, and high camp, all with a contemporary twist and a large pot of juicy gossip and scandal. Inspired by the characters and paying tribute to the families of Bridgerton and named after Queen Charlotte our chefs and designers have captured the essence of this hit show and created this truly grand Afternoon Tea with its over-the-top gold and pastel colours, to the outrageous food display and plush table settings of pastel pink and gold china. You will be guided through each course which can be served from the set-designed and styled table by our regency-dressed white-gloved staff or guests can help themselves to the sumptuous buffet display.

our garden party outdoor version of our Bridgerton afternoon tea

This over-the-top yet elegant afternoon tea is perfect for Garden Parties, or to add that wow effect to a corporate summer event or for those who want a wedding with that Instagramable moment or a Hen Party in a country house and for added high jinks it can be served by our regency drag queens with a range of Bridgerton’s favorite cocktails and opulent champagne towers.

This grand Afternoon Tea is composed of a selection of finger sandwiches, tarts and brioche sliders delectable scones, cream and jam, and six signature sweet treats and finished with our delicious Queen Charlotte regal Truffles and Macaron in hand-crafted gilt boxes

  1. just some of the lush and lavish desserts on our bridgerton gala dessert table

Like our Bridgerton Afternoon Tea pays homage to the Regency era our Bridgerton Ball Dessert Table is Lush, lavish, and loaded with every dashing and dazzling dessert you can think of and served with opulent champagne tower as your guests arrive an array of cocktails even Lady Whistledown would be proud of. This set-designed and styled dessert table is served by our regency-dressed white-gloved staff who are on hand to talk you through our Bridgerton-inspired dessert selection which includes:


bridgerton dessert table experience just on one of the many we have done

Queen Charlotte’s Macaron Tower Selection, Strawberry Meringue Tarts, lady whistle-downs Caramel and Chocolate Tarts, a selection of Bridgerton Ganache Brownies, Domes of Pistachio and White Chocolate choux buns, the Duke’s Lemon Gin and Elderflower Madeline's, Truffle Filled Pastel Kisses, Lemon and Raspberry Cheesecakes, Bridgeton’s Family Celebrations Cakes, Lady Violets Bundt Cake and hand made gilt gift box of Queen Charlottes Truffles for each guest.

We have created a range of Cocktails even Lady Whistle down would agree with, include

whistledown ice tea punch 

A fashionable arrangement of exotic hibiscus blossoms with a mélange of citrus tea and gins, mixed with pineapple a pleasing refreshment to sip while indulging in the latest gossip.

the daring duke 

A dashing blend of gin, elderflower liqueur, and lemon juice with a cloud of citrus smoke. Sip like a royal and enjoy this decadent cocktail packed with scandal and remorse

Featherington's Blood Orange & passion Mimosa

To go with their quest for a suitor, the Featherington sisters require a delightful refreshment in the form of champagne, blood orange and passionfruit liqueur But will this be enough sustenance to fill a dance card? One can only speculate.

hell hath no fury

like a woman scorned and that includes Bridgerton family matriarch Violet Bridgerton. This vodka. lime soda and ginger liqueur fizzy libation is a refreshing summer drink, but when stirred or agitated it turns purple Violet, sip sit back, and watch as fury descends on Ton


it was never going to end there  was it so rhe sheer TON factor , afternoon tea events and dessert table experience's clients have option of cocktails or a champagne fountain these Regency styled champagne coups are stacked precisely so the champagne flows from top to bottom filling each so so so Bridgerton and it will around as long as the TV Series is.   

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