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Welcome to our first blog post, and thank you for dropping by and taking the time to read our post. We just wanted to share with you a bit more about working with us and how if we get the chance to work together how that will help others. Our offer our services at the best value we can give to our customers and thats not just money its the innovative service we offer like our BAKE YOUR BRAND  or the fact you will never pay crockery delivery or collections fees as we have invested in our own and we give to you on loan or our wunderbar where others would charge for this we dont your paying for a drinks service so what shouldn't to come with a bar?. We have taken all our logistics knowledge from running one of the leading baking ingredient businesses so we can now deliver an afternoon tea event over night nationwide so everyone can enjoy our food that not only tastes good but it does good. 

Putting people & purpose first

 We are the only purpose-driven specialty food collective in the UK to use our revenue to create a positive impact in the fight against food poverty and inequality.  Unlike large corporations who talk endlessly about doing the right thing, they mean their shareholders, not their customers or society.


  • We are not profit & shareholder driven but are a business created with a purpose: to help end food poverty and create a world where no one goes hungry.
  • we donate baking boxes to anyone who is suffering with their mental health just ask and we will even cover the cost of the postage 
  •  We do this by providing 5% of our revenue to food charities for those in need right now.
  • 10% of our revenues go fund and help disadvantaged young people turn their big food ideas into reality through our Freshly Baked Grants, and by offering space in our production facility, training, mentorship, supply chain & customer access, and know-how. so they can grow a successful business
  • they will donate 15% of their revenue so together we can all help create a future where nobody goes hungry 
  • why ? because it's the right thing to do

Committed to helping our planet 

We are committed to following, improving and promoting good sustainability practices throughout our activities. We use Climate Essentials an online carbon management system that makes our road to net zero and climate action easy by measuring, managing, and reducing emissions. 


  • Adherence to all regulatory or legal requirements relevant to our industry, in particular relating to the safety of the food we serve. 
  • We pay above the London Living Wage and pay for staff travel and we offer all our staff free boes for our mindful banking kits 
  • We operate a Hyper short supply chain, in fact, it's 810m long, and all our food is sourced from the street we audit them to ensure they pay the London living wage 
  • we do not use any unregulated courier companies or do we do business with companies that use Evri or YODEL
  •  viable purchase goods sourced within the UK
  • Develop our client portfolio as close to our premises as possible Maximise the efficiency of fuel used by our vans
  • Minimise energy consumption by use of the best available technology Purchase energy from a 100% UK renewable electricity supplier
  • create Maintain zero to landfill waste management, this includes branded doggie boxes at each event so guests can take yummy food home or sell on to good to go
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