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The Return of Lady Whistledown

Dearest Readers,

In a world riddled with scandalous society periodicals and salacious rumors, your favorite socialite returns with great news. I write to you with sorrow in my heart and venom in my quill, as word has reached me about a shocking periodical called OK. This publication, dare I say, is written by those south of the river.

However, in spite of these rumors that your beloved Lady Whistledown is in exile and won't be returning to the Ton, rest assured, I will be back on your televisual screens next month. Quill in hand, I am ready to report on the extravagant exploits and misguided misadventures of this season's Debutants.

Lady Whistledown's Grand Comeback

To mark this grand comeback, I have partnered with the esteemed Wonderland Events to bring you an authentic "Lady Bridgerton’s Soiree Dessert Experience," all curated by yours truly. Expect nothing short of lavish, divine, and beautifully presented desserts, reminiscent of the indomitable Lady Danbury herself.

It will be an affair to remember. You may even spot some of Lady Violet's finest tableware, the very same that the Featherington sisters have been sneakily pilfering over the years.

A Marvelous Dessert Experience

One of the highlights of the soiree will undoubtedly be the chocolate truffles, which I have created myself. These will be proudly displayed in Fabergé eggs from my personal collection. Shockingly, I had to lend them to the Featheringtons, as they did not own any. I know, dear readers, you are just as surprised as I am. After all, who doesn't keep chocolate truffles in Fabergé eggs!

Unlike some in the Ton, five lucky couples are guaranteed a fairy-tale ending. I will be gifting these fortunate pairs a Bridgerton Soiree experience of their own, one each month from June to October 2024. This grand affair can accommodate up to 120 guests. The real gift, however, is that I will be sending a protégé who will report back to me first hand.

Scandal and Gossip at Your Fingertips

Your wedding, like every other, produces loose lips and an outpouring of scandal and gossip. I will document all these delicious tidbits in a personalized edition of my social pages. Please feel free to email any questions you may have to My footmen will promptly respond.


I promise you, my cherished readers, that my return will be as grand as the events I will be chronicling. The scandal, the intrigue, the romance, and the decadence, all packaged beautifully in my pages. I look forward to once again being your most trusted source for the happenings in the Ton.

Lady Whistledown

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