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Top Tips to Creating an Unforgettable Dessert Experience


Creating an Unforgettable Dessert Experience: Our Imagineering Top Tips

The Big Idea: Surprise and Delight

When it comes to dessert bars, we believe in more than just serving sweets—we’re all about crafting an experience that leaves guests enchanted. Here are our top tips for creating a dessert wonderland that delights and surprises:


Start with a Whimsical Theme

Imagine stepping into a world where desserts come alive. That’s the big idea! Whether it’s an Alice in Wonderland tea party or a celestial galaxy, choose a theme that resonates with your event. Dessert bars should be places of happiness, fun, excitement, and discovery. Let the theme remind people why they’re here—to celebrate, indulge, and create memories.

Visualize and Create a Mood Board

Before you dive into the sweet details, visualize your dessert bar. Draw it out, create a mood board, and see how all the elements fit together. Consider colors, heights, and textures. Does it need music? A scent? Lighting? Movement? Bring on the WOW factor! Your mood board will guide your decisions and ensure a cohesive experience.

Flavors and Textures: Think Big, Think Bold

The heart of any dessert bar lies in its flavors. Strike a balance between familiar favorites and daring creations. Encourage guests to explore and try new desserts. From cakes to trifles, ice cream to whimsical cupcakes, think beyond the ordinary. Remember, it’s your event—what makes you happy will make your guests happy too.

Space Planning: Rule of Thumb

Don’t underestimate the importance of space. Our rule of thumb: allocate a 2-meter trestle table per 50 guests. For 200 guests, you’ll need 8 meters of table space; for 300, go for 12 meters (perhaps 6 tables of 6 meters by 2 meters). This ensures a wider area for guests to move around comfortably.

Add Theatrical Elements

Live experiences elevate any dessert bar. Consider:
  •  Donut Wheel of Fortune: Spin for surprise flavors.
  • Candy Angels: Usherette trays with add-ons or tasters.
  • Design-Your-Own Ice Cream or Popsicle: Interactive fun.
  • Wondrous Sundae Bar: Layers of indulgence.
 Sustainability Matters

Don’t spend a fortune on your dessert experience only to discard it afterward. Think about giving it a second life. Upscale your display stands instead of adding to landfill. And what about those show-stopping desserts? We cut them up, box them, and give them to departing guests—no food waste here!

 Beyond the Table: Create an Atmosphere

Remember, your dessert experience extends beyond the table. Consider:

  •  Hang Backdrops: Transform the space.
  • Moving Colored Clouds: Ethereal ambiance.
  • Projections: Bring art to life.
  • Smoke Machine: Mystical allure.
  • Animatronics: Surprise and delight.
  • Conveyor Belt: A whimsical touch.

 The Dessert Quantity Dilemma

The million-dollar question: How many desserts should you offer? Aim for 2 to 4 per guest (the average is three). But it depends on the variety. A minimum of 10 choices—from cakes to trifles—is a good starting point. Make your dessert experience memorable and unique. Trust us, surprising your guests never fails.

 What Not to Include

Waffles, churros, popcorn, and slushies? Not in our dessert bar! We create unique experiences that leave a lasting impression. Let’s move away from the ordinary and create truly memorable events. So, whether you’re hosting a wedding, a corporate gala, or a whimsical tea party, let your dessert bar be a canvas for imagination, flavor, and joy. Bon appétit!


 Some fun ideas

Earth: Chocolate Terrain

Guests begin their journey with a landscape of chocolate mousse mountains, edible soil, and chocolate rock candies. Miniature trees made of mint and basil provide a refreshing touch to the rich, earthy flavors.

Water: Sea of Delights

Moving on to the water element, a blue gelée ocean with floating islands of panna cotta awaits. Sea creature-shaped candies swim in the sea, and a misty dry ice effect creates a sense of mystery.

Air: Cloud Nine Confections

For the air element, guests reach for treats suspended from above. Cotton candy clouds, meringue kisses, and light-as-air macarons hang from an intricate network of clear strings, giving the illusion of floating sweets.

Fire: Flaming Desserts

The final element, fire, offers a dramatic flair with desserts that are literally set ablaze. Flambéed fruits, sizzling brownie volcanoes, and a phoenix-shaped cake with sparkler feathers provide a fiery finale to the dessert journey.

This experience combines taste with interactive elements and theatrical presentation, ensuring that guests remember the event long after the last bite. It’s a celebration of the senses and a true adventure in dessert form.

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